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Business content
Decoration, preparation, transportation and removal of the shooting site
Decorations and props production, graphic design
still welcome
Welcome to apply if you have:

Proficiency in Illustrator and Photoshop
Business Level English Communication
Employment status
Full-time, outsourced, part-time
【Full-time employee】
■ Working hours: 9:00-18:00 (60 minute break)
Since there are variations in work styles depending on the situation, it is necessary to consult about the shifts.

■ Salary: Full-time employee: Monthly salary from 220,000 yen
Trial period: Up to 6 months (May be shoter depending on evaluation): Monthly salary from 200,000 yen
*Determined based on experience and ability.

■Holidays, etc. two days off per week (depending on shift)

■ How to apply: Please feel free to contact us first.

【Outsourcing, part-time job】We will decide after considering experience and ability.
Contact address
When applying, please prepare your resume and portfolio (if you have one).
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